• Professional Background

    Tim started his career in communications working on both sides of the newspaper business. His first job was with a small paper in Minnesota, where he wrote news, sports and contributed a weekly column and also sold and wrote advertising. He moved on to dailies on the advertising side, writing ad copy, working with advertisers and contributing the occasional news story. His last newspaper job was with Knight Ridder's St. Paul Pioneer Press, living and working in the Minnesota capitol near the homes of Garrison Keillor, F. Scott Fitzgerald and the eminently capable governor/professional wrestler Jesse Ventura.


    But the glamour of advertising agency work had always intrigued Tim, and after 12 years, he jumped out of newspapers and into the ad business with both feet when an opportunity arose. He wrote and managed print advertising projects and campaigns for retail clients in the Upper Midwest with a small firm, then jumped to larger and larger agencies, finally landing a job with Dugan Valva Contess, a promotions agency headquartered in Morristown, NJ. He handled promotional events for the Pillsbury Corporation, his favorite being the annual Pillsbury Bake-Off recipe contest. (Advertising is apparently also "like a box of chocolates.")


    But again, Tim was feeling in need of a change, so he left the ad agency world to focus strictly on writing. The tech bubble was just beginning to boil and there were tons of new firms with exciting products that needed venture capital, and exposure to the media. Tim wrote for Vezone, an online venture capital magazine and several others, researching and writing about the latest tech firms and their CEO's. For the first time in thirty years, Tim was able to enjoy the pleasure of working from home.


    Now, Tim writes blogs, newsletter articles and advertising for GPS, and helps steer the marketing ship with Vanessa. If you list your home with GPS, you may meet him, because he will be the guy in the red golf hat installing your sign, because that's what Communication Directors do. Apparently, real estate is also "like a box of chocolates."

    Personal Background

    Tim has a degree in English from St. Olaf College in Minnesota. He lives with "the Boss," Vanessa Saunders, a dog and a cat, and is occasionally joined by his yacht-sailing daughter, Natalie, in their home in Piermont. He enjoys golf, really good cheese, barbecued brisket on the Kamodo grill and other delicious food, and watching his wife and daughter sail from onshore. Preferably from a fairway on a golf course.

  • Tim Bartz

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    Global Property Systems

    "finding home"

    Whether buying a property or selling one, investing or relocating, here or abroad, our cross-media marketing strategies make use of optimum media channels to maximize the exposure of your property as a seller, and to streamline the search process for buyers (from near or far,) saving you valuable time and effort.


    To Market Your Property to the Most Potential Buyers Go Global....


    When selling a property our marketing excels from concept to execution. Our marketing team provides well-designed multimedia and print materials, along with a generous advertising budget and key alliances, empowering promotion throughout the world through global exposure.

    Whether you live outside of the United States, out of state, or locally and you are looking to purchase, sell, lease, or invest in property here in New York, elsewhere in the United States, or globally, you can rest assured that our team of local real estate experts, and other professionals from Attorneys, Engineers, & Financial Advisers, will guide you through the entire process. Our goal is to ensure you are fully aware of the many local nuances, different customs and processes required to ensure a successful transaction wherever you decide to buy or sell.

    Commercial Services

    Our commercial division services investment properties including income producing properties, development sites and or bulk purchase opportunities ideal for EB-5 & E2 visa applicants, businesses and investors.

    We are confident you will find that GPS offers an unsurpassed personal and experienced touch. Our clients are accustomed to the highest level of service and professionalism, and with many decades of combined experience in every sector of the real estate industry, we confidentially provide the smartest and most technologically advanced platform to serve your real estate needs.


    We look forward to being at your service.


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